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Wow!  Dabba took my pain away in 10 minutes!  The arthritis in my right hand, especially in my muscles and joints is severe.  Until Dabba nothing helped with the intense pain and limited movement.  I just rub Dabba in and 10 minutes later the pain has subsided and movement is restored.  I am SO thankful for Dabba, It’s AMAZING!

T. Janies

I was having so much pain in my shoulder I could hardly use my arm..  My Doctor told me I needed an operation, I was set against it.  I started using Dabba, rubbed it on my shoulder and in about 15-20 minutes I could move my arm without it hurting.  I couldn’t believe how much better it felt!  I used Dabba for a couple of weeks.  Each time I used it I could move my arm until I felt like working out.  Now I feel stronger than ever and I have not had that operation.  My doctor is very impressed.  Dabba is some GREAT stuff.

Gary - Northern California

I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.  I used Dabba for my joint pain.  Dabba help me to be able to walk around without so much pain.  I use it every day so I can get up each morning and move.  I believe Dabba could help so many people if they would just give it a try.  I LOVE IT!

Nancy - Bay Area, CA

I hurt my lower back.  A friend saw me and asked what happened.  I looked like I was in a lot of pain I guess.  She told me she had something to help me.  I was in so much pain I would try anything.  She rubbed the cream on my lower back and told me to put some plastic wrap over the sore area and lay on a heating pad.  The next morning I couldn’t believe the difference.  I’m HOOKED!  I will always have Dabba in my medicine cabinet.

Pat - El Dorado, CA

I suffer from migraines and the medication my doctor was prescribing was not helping anymore.  I was turned onto Dabba from one of my friends and let me tell you, it has CHANGED my life!  All I do is rub a bit on my temples, right between my eyebrows and all along the back hairline of my head during the onset and in 10-15 minutes the symptoms are completely GONE!  Thank you Dabba for giving me my life back.

Brian-Sacramento - CA

I’m 88 years old.  I have used Dabba everyday for the last 2 years.  I suffer permanent nerve damage from the shingles virus.  The Dabba makes my life much more comfortable.  It relieves my pain and helps me sleep.  I’m thankful I found this product.

Phyllis - Bay Area, CA

I am 76 years old and I suffer from arthritis in my back and hips daily.  Six months ago my roommate shared Dabba with me and ever since I’ve been using it I’ve been running around the house like a teenager!  Thank you Dabba for giving me a pain free body and the ability to move freely and do the things I want to do again!  I love Dabba!!

Nina - Cameron Park, CA

I use Dabba everyday to relieve my pain from a back operation.  The Dabba has helped me lower my medication for pain.  Without Dabba I’m sure I would feel a lot more stiffness.  The Dabba helps me move around and keeps me from being so sore.  My goal is to get off the pain medication with the help of Dabba.  Im so glad I found Dabba!

Annie - Northern California

I like to go walking all the time.  After walking sometimes the back of my one knee gets swollen.  I just rub a little Dabba on it and a few minutes later I have forgotten all about the pain and swelling.  Thank you Dabba for giving me the ability to keep up my active lifestyle. This product really works.  I am a Dabba lover for life.

Shannon - Cameron Park, CA


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Dabba is made with all organic ingredients. Dabba contains Cannabis, Indica, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Unfiltered Beeswax, Essential Oils, Purified Water and THAT"S IT! NO Petroleum, Eucalyptus or Mentholatum!

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