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Q...How long does the pain relief last?
A...Patients report relief that lasts two to four hours. Dabba can be reapplied as often as needed.

Q...When is the best time to apply Dabba to get the most out of it?
A...The best time is right after a warm shower or bath. It will open your pores allowing Dabba to absorb into the skin the fastest.

Q...Will I feel "high" from using this product?
A...Most people say they don't experience side effects from Dabba. Primarily, you will feel pain relief. A few patients, however, reported that they noticed a slight euphoric feeling the first time they applied topical. If this effect occurs, it disappears as Dabba is continued to be used.

Q...Dabba seems oily, what can I do?
A...Dabba contains several therapeutic essential oils which can be unpleasant for some. As with any topical, it must be thoroughly rubbed onto your skin to attain maximum benefit. With Dabba, a little goes a long way, hence..."Just a dab a do ya"!

Q...My pain seems to have gone away. Do I need to keep using Dabba?
A...Dabba reduces inflammation in the joints. Stop using the topical to be certain inflammation is gone. Return to using Dabba as often as needed.

Q...Is Dabba good for my skin?
A...Dabba contains all natural oils and unfiltered beeswax which have been shown to soothe and nurture the skin. Cannabis, the pain relieving ingredient, is not a skin irritant. In our experience, Dabba improves skin health.

Q...If I use your creme for a long time, will I notice a difference?
A...Long time users report increased range of motion and sufficient pain relief to take up or return to exercising. Those who had previously avoided exercise because of their pain have reported feeling well enough to begin a more healthy lifestyle.

Q...Does Dabba work on anyone?
A...Although some have reported an insignificant effect, many more say that Dabba has changed their lives. We love being a part of their stories!

Q...Why does the 1/2 ounce jar look bigger than the 1 ounce jar?
A...The 1/2 ounce jar is a double walled jar which insulates the Dabba during travel.

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Dabba is made with all organic ingredients. Dabba contains Cannabis, Indica, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Unfiltered Beeswax, Essential Oils, Purified Water and THAT"S IT! NO Petroleum, Eucalyptus or Mentholatum!

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